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Unleash and reinvent because you still have time


Getting older is not always easy. Community makes it better. Connection makes it enjoyable, inspiring and fun.

"Back when my grandmother and mother turned fifty, their choices to fully live inspiring and fulfilled lives where difficult. A few women found their way but it took commitment and it was a lonely journey. Now, we have the ability to connect to other women who are discovering their power during the second half of their life as they trigger long held dreams while building legacies and connections. Come aboard and do the same." ~ Pamela Sylvan, Founder


As a member, you get access to:

  • A caring, supportive community of women who are exploring what it means to build incredible confidence, live fully into their authentic selves, build meaningful connections and give themselves permission to be who they've always wanted to be.
  • A weekly virtual meeting. We talk about all things around levelling up from the mundane to the tough stuff, to the magical and give you space to share whatever is in your heart and on your mind.
  • The opportunity to easily meet women near you - so you can build a squad of trusted, spark-filled friends in your area.
  • A safe, private community forum where you can post, ask questions, share your story and be celebrated by others on a similar journey.
  • Groups - organized specifically for women working on unlevelled confidence, nearing or just out of the messy-middle, working on poise, charisma and fierceness, breathing life and energy into their next half goals and visions.
  • Practical tools and proven frameworks for navigating solutions so you can feel confident as you transition, shift and spiral up.
  • Curated resources including book lists, favourite podcasts, playlists and more.
  • A monthly book club.

Add-on Sparks

To build your own transformational journey, you also have access to the following (additional fees may apply)

  • Daily Meetups -  you can join anytime.
  • Energy work - EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, Chakra Clearing, Tantric Teachings etc.)
  • Expert Webinars - monthly including Q & A with our members.
  • Goal Setting workshops
  • Writing & Reflection - weekly prompts for transformational experiences.
  • Group coaching - for Alpha women on the rise.
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